About Maurice Galway

Why Dingle, Why Film and Why Walking?

An experienced walker and hillwalker with over 15 years of walking experience in Ireland and Spain, I also have, however, over 20 years experience in the Film and Animation Festival circuit.  During my time with Festivals in Kerry, I have invited and welcomed actors, filmmakers, animators and other industry experts to Kerry, sharing the stunning Dingle Peninsula with them.  Amongst them: Laura Dern, Maureen O’Hara, Sarah Miles, Cillian Murphy, Gabriel Byrne, Saoirse Ronan, Stephen Frears, Aidan Gillen, Barry Keoghan, Sir Alan Parker, Jim Sheridan, Jean Jacques Beineix, Andrew Loog Oldman (Manager of The Rolling Stones ‘63-67) and Gregory Peck’s Family.

When I brought the infamous Beatles Anthology Director, Geoff Wonfor here, he was so captivated he made a feature film  ‘We’ll Always Have Dingle’.

I have spent my career building and running Festivals for Film and Animation; I have welcomed guests from all over the world, bringing them here to Dingle and to Kerry.   I have made films myself and my own feature film ‘Pauline Bewick: Yellow Man Grey Man’ has been broadcast internationally on Sky Arts and nationally on RTÉ Television. Described by The Irish Independent as “A Stroke of Genius” and by Senator David Norris as “A Masterpiece”. My films have exhibited internationally in London, New York and China.

Dingle Film Walks is the perfect coming together of both Maurice’s passions, film and walking. Join Maurice on his On Location Film Walk or his Sunset Film Walk for an excellent experience.

Having established and run the Kerry Film Festival, I then went on to establish the Dingle International Film Festival which ran from 2007-2019.  Gregory Peck often visited Dingle with his family;  his grandmother hailing from Minard.  I had the pleasure of welcoming the Peck family to Dingle many times and, together with the Pecks we developed the Gregory Peck Award for Excellence in the Art of Film.

“I would like to thank this insane genius Maurice Galway who has the most beautiful festival I have ever experienced. The warmth of this place you hold in the palm of your hand and you make sure that everything in this festival and these presentations are touched by and hold this county’s sentiment in them.”

Laura Dern

Awards & Biography:

  • Over 25 years of festival experience in both film and animation
  • Founder and artistic director of both Kerry Film Festival and Dingle International Film Festival
  • Co-Founder and director of Animation Dingle Festival
  • Recipient of The Founding Kerry Ambassador Award
  • Recipient of The Gregory Peck Award: For Excellence in The Art of Film
  • Recipient of The Fáilte Ireland National Ambassador Conference Award
  •  Received The Compostela for completing The Camino (The Northern and Primitivo Ways), walking 914km.
Kerry Ambassador Award
Academics and industry leaders awarded for bringing international conferences to Ireland

“Maurice saw in Dingle a Mecca for creativity and sought to build a Film Festival which would embody and nurture the DIFFerence and the potential that he saw here. Over the years he has built a Festival of such discernment and integrity that it has become a significant player on the Film Festival Circuit, not only here in Ireland but Internationally”.

Anthony Peck (Gregory Peck’s son)


Pauline Bewick: Yellow Man Grey Man

Pauline Bewick: Yellow Man Grey Man is a feature film by Maurice Galway, which looks in a creative way at the hugely successful series of work by Pauline known as The Yellow Man and also her series of works entitled The Grey Man drawings, which are not so well known.

“Its rather sad really I was searching for the perfect society. That’s why I went to The South Pacific and that’s why I invented The Yellow Man. He to me is perfection. I created The Yellow Man because if our society were made up of Yellow Men it would be a marvelous place.” Pauline Bewick

The film is the result of Maurice getting to know Pauline over many years. Following many conversations Maurice discovered that Pauline had created a Grey Man along with her very popular Yellow Man. The Yellow Man represents an ideal life style and philosophy and is widely known and much loved all over the world. Fewer people are familiar with The Grey Man, which deals with a much darker side to the artist. The drawings were the result of discussions Pauline had with a Gestalt psychoanalyst. 

Director, Producer, Writer: Maurice Galway | DOP, Eugene O’ Connor | Music Nico Brown and Martin Brunsden | Editor Brian Nolan

“A Masterpiece” Senator David Norris

“The director, the cameraman, the crew were intelligent. I felt at ease to reveal myself and what I said would not be misinterpreted. The film ended up being just me. ” Pauline Bewick

This feature film is available to view for FREE on YouTube

You can view the film here

If you are old school and would prefer a DVD copy of the film, I can arrange that also, simply drop me an email and I’ll send one on to you. Fee is approx €15, depending on post costs.

Described by The Irish Independent as “A Stroke of Genius”.