Loch a Dúin

The Lake of the Fort

Route: A looped walk into the valley and around the lake, taking in each of the amazing sites as well as a waterfall and 2 river crossings on route, with views up to Gob an Uolair (474m), Slí na gCorr (484m) and An Starraicín (456m).

Duration: 3.5 hours
Grade/Pace: Moderate at a easy pace
Distance: 6.5k
Gear: Hiking boots or a good walking shoe, waterproof jacket.

History/Myth: A magical experience, Loch a ’Dúin contains a huge amount of monuments from the Bronze Age onwards. A recent count suggested that there are as many as 89 stone structures in the valley, some of which are over 2,000 years old. These include a wedge tomb, rock art, a cooking site (fulachta fia), standing stones, and field walls that were erected long before the peat settled in the valley to form the bog. There are over 12 kilometres (7 miles) of ancient walls, which have been dated to around 1,300 BC, making them over three thousand years old.