Loch a ’Dúin (The Lake of the Fort) 

€125 pp


Group €65 pp, min of 6 people

TOUR Duration:

4 Hours

Tailored to Request

Route & Climbing:

6.5 KM Distance / 273 M Accent

Fitness Level:

Easy to Moderate Pace

Tour End Point:

Kilmore Cross, 12km from Dingle

Tour Size:

Minimum 2 Persons, Group Min of 6 Persons

Hike Group


About the Walk

A rare glimpse into the Irish landscape as it existed at the end of the last Ice Age. Embark on a guided walk through Loch a’Dúin and unlock the secrets of its past, as every step unveils a new chapter in the timeless story of human civilization.

Discover the captivating allure of Loch a’Dúin, where history whispers through its rich tapestry of monuments nestled within a compact space. Immerse yourself in a journey through time as you explore a diverse array of relics, each bearing witness to different facets of human existence.

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History and Mythology

From ancient habitation to agricultural practices, from ceremonial rituals to defensive structures, Loch a’Dúin offers a fascinating glimpse into the various dimensions of life throughout the ages.

Among the notable monuments awaiting your exploration are the “Giant’s Grave” a megalithic wedge tomb, the intriguing fulachta fiadh, mesmerising rock art, and stoic standing stones, all believed to hail from the Bronze Age era (2200-500 BC). However, the valley’s heritage extends far beyond this period, with many other monuments likely spanning from the earliest settlements to contemporary times.

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Toomullin miners 2 9




Loch a ’Dúin 



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